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About Therapon


Dr Trevor Newnes BVSc
Therapon Director

A veterinarian is much more than a medical practitioner. 

A vet can wear many hats; from a business owner to a human resource manager, from accountant to inventory and purchasing manager, from perpectual student to teacher, from grief counsellor to retailer and Marketer.

All these aspects of a veterinary practice demand attention, passion and time.

One veterinarian; Dr Trevor Newnes BVSc knows exactly what it is like to be a vet and run a practice inside and out.

Trevor graduated in 1968 and acquired his practice; Mentone Veterinary Clinic in 1975.

Eighteen years later,Trevor was presented with the opportunity to own a veterinary wholesale company known as Therapon.

Trevor knew the company well, he was a Therapon client and it had been in operation since 1959 so, he seized the day!

Trevor imagined a vet wholesaler was capable of offering so much more than simply picking, packing and delivering stock.

He understood that a wholesaler had direct access to product information and developments in vet medicine faster than a practitioner could access it.

A wholesaler could provide vets with speedy and vital news on products, undertake research and offer the latest in vet education.

The wholesaler could act as a resource centre for Locums, I.T development, loan equipment and offer support with merchandising and event co-ordination.

Most importantly, the wholesaler could play a part in the professional development of the industry as well as free up time for vets to focus on their patients.

Out of all this evolved Therapon's mission of 'Empowering Veterinarians' to achieve the best in animal wellbeing'.

And values such as integrity, respect, teamwork, curiosity, excellence and passion.

As a result of living these ethics, Therapon plays an important role in the Australian and worldwide vet industry today.


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