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Growing Your Business



How often do you find yourself putting out  bushfires in your business instead of looking at the BIG Picture? 

We all know that stepping back from a business to assess a strategic plan, review a process, manage people as well as profit and loss is vital to success. 

Recently, Trevor, Jim and I read a book called Cracking The Code.



I know what you are thinking!

Like you, we have read many books and talked to just as many consultants but, the hype didn’t lead to action.

This book was different.  It simply and clearly defined and reinforced business common sense. 

The author of the book, Greg Roworth (a Melbournian and business owner) has since worked with Therapon to systematically get things in shape, thanks Greg!

It has been so beneficial that Trevor wants to share the book around and has twisted Greg’s arm to hand out 40 copies of his book ‘Cracking The Code’ to interested veterinarians.

Greg has kindly offered his book free of charge.

Contact me via mail@therapon.com.au or call 0409 137 157 and I will organize your copy of Cracking The Code by Greg Roworth.

It makes for great reading and good business sense!


Cristina Doyle

Business Development Manager


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